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Sharjah Wanderers Football Club (SWFC) play in the UAE amateur league.  This is a very competitive league and hosts many players from around the world, some being ex-professional!

The training sessions are every week Sunday and Wednesday from 8:00pm to 10:00pm.

The objective of the SWFC is to give a chance to all football lovers to play the game in the best conditions with UEFA qualified coaches, professional equipment and footballing ethos.

SWFC and Coach Saci monitor progress of the players and where possible can create opportunities for gifted players to train/play with professional football clubs in the UAE and worldwide and help with scholarships with foreign schools.


Sharjah Wanderers ‘Old Boys’ Football Section which was formerly known as the Fat Old Boys is made up of a group of eager footballers. Most of which are well into their 30’s with a variety of level and fitness. Due to the growing number of veteran players, we could no longer play together with the younger generation and so we split away from the youngsters some two years back, and once again became our own club. From the small humble beginnings , we have now grown into a fairly large club of over 40 Club Members and Non-Members. The majority of us have lived in or within Sharjah for a large part of our adult lives and coming from all walks of life, we get together every Sunday and Wednesday between 8-10pm for a social but competitive game of either 5, 6, 7 or 11-a-side depending on the turn out which varies.

After a few years of twice-weekly football among each other we came to realisation that if a little effort was put in, we could take this team and put ourselves on the National radar. So in the summer of 2013, some of the regular players put their heads together and our official football team as we know it today was formed, SHARJAH WANDERERS OLD BOYS.
Sharjah Wanderers ‘Old Boys’

Our SWOB (Sharjah Wanderers Old Boys) Committee have been working very hard to get our team organised and run like a football club whilst sticking to our true roots of being friendly and social. Sponsored by National Paints, we now have a Home & Away kit and we try to participate in as many tournaments as feasibly possible both on home soil or away. Depending on the tournament format, we usually register 2 or three teams representing SWOB and try to even the teams out fairly between all the players who are available.

Furthermore, we also try to participate in 11-a-side friendly matches against other teams in the country, again both Home & Away.

Our Mission

As representatives of Sharjah Wanderers Sports Club, our SWOB Committee work very closely with Club Management in trying to help SWSC be the great club it is. By hosting family friendly fund raising events for various aspects of the club and good causes, were we try to create awareness for both the Club and our Football Team. Since we are being provided by the great facilities the club has to offer we always strive to give back and help in anyway we can to allow the club to thrive.

How to be a SWOB Member

To be a member of SWOB Football Team, all you need is to be a member of Sharjah Wanderers Sports Club. If you require any information, please check out the SWSC homepage.

Non-Member Application

If you wish to play with us but cannot be a member of the SWSC, you may apply for a Pitch Pass which allows you to access the pitches ONLY.

Our pitch pass fees are:-

  • Yearly (1st Sept-1st Sept) – 500AED
  • Half Year (1st Feb – 1st Sept) – 250AED

Should you wish to apply for a Pitch Pass, please contact the club landline and leave your name and number and a member of SWOB Committee will get in touch with you.

Pitch passes are limited so please bear with us if we do not contact you quickly.

Sharjah wanderers is proud to work in association with Universal Sport

Universal Sport runs a variety of football programs throughout the year to help players advance their skills and understanding of the game. All the staff at Universal Sport are fully qualified coaches who subscribe to a set of beliefs with respect to coaching and development.

At Universal Sport we believe that coaching is about teaching and create the best learning environment possible. Players are continually assessed based on the English FA LTPD which is a coaching model to help players and parents understand the elements of becoming a complete player

Our mission is to deliver top level football training and instruction with the objective of guiding players to attain their maximum potential in the game of football . We place an emphasis on skill and tactical development and the maximization of game enjoyment through a training process that emphasizes fair play, respect and enjoyment of the game.

Our programs are presented through a dynamic and creative football training model. We encourage players to use their imagination and creativity while playing. Universal Sport coaches conduct an innovative skills program which provides an opportunity for total involvement for each player. At Universal Sport we focus on allowing players to express their individuality while giving them concise feedback on how they can improve their game play.

Players will encounter an age and skill specific program that will foster development and result in greater enjoyment in football. We believe that players who are enjoying football and who are comfortable to make mistakes without criticism will develop best. Proper player development is a long term project which produces incredible results. At Universal Sport, players receive informative and positive feedback through detailed Players Profile reports and constant communication with individual coaches.