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BSAC 406 (British Sub-Aqua Club, Branch No. 406) is based in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates at the Sharjah Wanderers Sports Club (SWSC).

The scuba diving is what we are here for and most weekends – weather permitting – we organise a trip which includes as a rule two dives on a Friday. We dive mainly shipwrecks in the Arabian Gulf, some of which sank 50 years and others only a few months ago. Our dive boats are launched from Sharjah or Dubai depending on the dive site.

The wrecks are interesting in themselves but have also become a haven for fish life. Normally, the depth of these dives varies from 15m to around 30m but on an average is about 20m.

The exception is the “Energy Determination”, a “Very Large Crude Carrier” lying in 80m of water. At the time of its sinking it was the largest constructive total loss ever underwritten by Lloyd’s of London. The top of the wreck can be reached by experienced divers but you need technical equipment and training to get to the bottom.

If you prefer coral reefs, we also make trips over to the East Coast from time to time, where coral reefs are much more prevalent and are home to a huge variety of fish life.

Most of these sites have the advantage of being close to shore, but if we want to go further, we organise dhow trips along the Musandam Peninsular, with its wonderful scenery and spectacular diving. Sometimes they are a “joined venture” with our sister clubs in Dubai (DSDC) and Abu Dhabi (ADSAC).

The club’s facilities

In our compressor room we have installed two compressors for air fills and a nitrox set-up for filling pre-mixed 32% EAN. Tanks, regulators and BCD’s are available for hire for the occasional dive. In our experience, regular divers often end up buying their own diving equipment.

Our club house is adjacent to the SWSC’s swimming pool with rooms for the compressor and equipment, a classroom, covered boat parking, an office and a fully equipped club room. The swimming pool is available for training on club nights.

The SWSC’s restaurants are close by.

We own one 9m boat accommodating eight divers and a smaller 7m boat carrying six divers.

And the cost of diving is…?

  • DHS 140 for club members for two dives on a normal Friday dive trip
  • DHS 180 for non – members for two dives per trip
  • DHS 15 Equipment rental per item
  • DHS 10 nitrox per tank

Dive Club Nights

Every Tuesday night from 8pm in the Dive Club at Sharjah Wanderers. A social occasion, when we plan and prepare for the dives for the following weekend. Usually, practical pool training and theory sessions are conducted as well.

You are very welcome to join us and introduce yourself

Contact our Diving Officer – Ian Hussey


or visit http://www.bsac406.com/