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Shortly after the construction of Sharjah Port and Sharjah Sewage Works started, in 1976 a group of Halcrow and Tarmac engineers, who played for the Dubai Exiles but who were living and working in Sharjah, got together and I asked the Ruler, Sheikh Sultan, if we could be allocated land for a rugby pitch. HH was very obliging and gave a plot of land a long way out of town which was ideal. It was a flat sabkah area for the pitch overlooked by a high sand dune for the spectators. The downside was it could only be reached by 4×4 vehicles. (Now with the population growth it is almost in the middle of the city)

With the help of Tarmac providing materials and equipment and everyone mucking in, a small cub house was built (now part of the Sports Bar) and the Sharjah Wanderers Sports Club was established. Over those early  the years, with the help of members and their employers the facilities were expanded and improved. Late, the then well established club using its own financial resources has created  the club which exists today

Mel Stewart